The Church will Match Christ as Bone of His Bones for their Eternal Married Life

Only those who are regenerated by Christ and who live by Christ as the church can match Christ and complement Him; when Christ sees this, He will surely say that this time this is bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh. Adam and Eve are a rich type of Christ and the church; […]

Praise the Lord, we are Becoming the Reality of “God is There”, the New Jerusalem!

The very last verse of Ezekiel says that the name of the city from that day shall be, Jehovah is there; when God gains the holy temple and the holy city in the holy land, the name of that city is, God is there – God’s presence is with man, and man is in God’s […]

God is Obtaining a Holy Temple and a Holy City to Dwell with and Reign in His People

At the end of Ezekiel and at the end of Revelation God gains a holy temple and a holy city in which He can rest, dwell, be satisfied, and rule among man. In the holy city God can rule and reign with His authority, and in the holy temple He can dwell with His people […]

Having a Foretaste of the City with Twelve Gates – New Jerusalem – in the Church Life

Both Ezekiel and Revelation end with a city with twelve gates, which is Jerusalem (in Ezekiel) and the New Jerusalem (in Revelation). The result and consummation of what God has been doing with and in His people is a city with twelve gates – the city of Jerusalem, a type of the kingdom of God. […]

Christ’s Care for us is Always Positive, for He cares for God’s Need and Interests

It is very encouraging and comforting to know that Christ is our great High Priest caring for us today; however, even though Christ’s care for us may not be what we expect, His heart and care for us are always positive. Our Christ is a great High Priest – He is great in His person […]

Seeing the Divine History within the Human History with Christ and the Church

It is amazing to see how the Bible reveals the universal history according to God’s economy; what we see in the Bible is not merely human history nor just the divine history, but the divine history within the human history. On the one hand, we need to realize that our God is sovereign, and this […]

The Experience of the Christian life and of the Church Life Consummates in a Rainbow

The experience of the Christian life and of the church life consummates in a rainbow, and this is seen in type in Ezekiel 1 which starts with open heavens, continues with the experience of the wind, cloud, fire, and electrum, and consummates with the rainbow around the throne on which a Man sits. This matter […]