Our Oneness is the Anointing of the Spirit which Mingles us with the Triune God

It is interesting to realise that Psalm 133 is equivalent to Ephesians 4, and that when we are in the Body and are diligent to keep the oneness of the Spirit, we have the anointing of the Spirit (vv. 3-6); the anointing oil as the compound ointment is a type of the processed Triune God, […]

The Unique Ground of the Church – one Church in one City – in the Genuine Oneness

When speaking of the church, we first need to see its nature, and then we need to see the unique ground of the church, which is the genuine ground of oneness; in practicality, as the New Testament reveals, there is only one church in one city. This week in our morning revival we come to […]

Being Built up with Fellow Believers is the Lord’s Supreme Requirement of His Seekers

Being built up with fellow believers is the Lord’s supreme and highest requirement of His faithful seekers according to His top divine attribute – the divine oneness (see John 17). The bride of Christ is not an individual spiritual Christian but a corporate entity, a building up of the believers who pursue Christ, enjoy Him, […]

The Oneness of the Body of Christ is the Enlarged Oneness of the Divine Trinity

There are many wonderful aspects of the tabernacle in Exodus that are types of our Christian experience, and one of these is that the tabernacle typifies the oneness in the Triune God. Oneness in this universe is God Himself; only God is one, and the oneness in the Triune God is the unique and most […]

Taking the Lead to Stand on the Unique Ground of the Church, the Ground of Oneness

Ever since the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead and became a life-giving Spirit which was both breathed into His disciples for their living and poured out upon them as power for their work, there is such a thing in this universe called, the church. God has on earth not only a group of […]

Keeping the Unique Oneness of the Body of Christ on the Unique Ground of Locality

In order for us to know the church, we must first recognize the ground of the church. The one unique foundation of the church is Christ Himself, and no other foundation can anyone lay besides Christ, but the ground of the church is the practice of the oneness of the universal Body of Christ on […]

The Local Ground of the Church is the Oneness of the Body Practiced in the Local Churches

This week we are enjoying the spiritual significance and application of the local ground of the church. In the church life in the Lord’s recovery we have been brought back to God’s original intention, which is to have the Body of Christ as His expression, and the universal Body of Christ is expressed in each […]