The Church is the Body of Christ, the Fulness of Christ the Head to be His Expression

This week and the following few weeks we are prayerfully considering the status of the church – the church is the Body of Christ, the church is the new man, and the church is the bride of Christ. The church is not simple but profound and rich in meaning; there are many aspects – many […]

The Body is the Intrinsic Significance of the Church and the Mingling of God with Man

The church is the most precious thing in God’s eyes, and Christ gave Himself up for the church to redeem her and bring her to Himself. We need to see a vision of the preciousness, importance, and practicality of the church: the church is very important to God, and the church is both universal and […]

the church is the house of the living God, the supporting pillar and holding base of the truth

God expresses Himself on earth the way He wants – in His church, His dwelling place. It is in the church that God can practice His New Testament economy, He can speak forth what is in His heart, and He can manifest His glory! God feels at home in no other place but in the church, and it is here that He expresses Himself and manifests Himself – all He is, all He’s doing, and all He wants to obtain are to be expressed in the church as God’s dwelling place.

we are going through a metamorphic change to become the Body of Christ, God’s glorious expression

The Body of Christ is a mysterious organism composed of the union and mingling of the Triune God and the believers(see Eph. 4:4-6). In the Body of Christ we as the believers are joined to the Triune God and are being continually mingled with the Triune God. In this organic structure, God the Father is […]

the church: believers who are on the ground of oneness to be the testimony of the Body of Christ

The crucial elements of the Bible are Christ, the Spirit, life, and the church. This morning in the Morning Revival we were enjoying the church – which is produced by the life of God, which is the Spirit, who is Christ. Christ is the Spirit, the Spirit is life, and life issues in and produces […]

the mystery of the Body of Christ as the organism of the Triune God – revealed in Ephesians!

Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians is SO RICH! When you read it “with God’s economy glasses on” you will see vision after vision, revelation after revelation! We already have seen that God’s economy is fully accomplished by the exercise of our mingled spirit(as revealed in Ephesians), and we have also seen the dispensing of the […]

The Central Line in the Bible – the New Jerusalem, the mingling of God and man!

The final item on the central line of the divine revelation in the Bible is the New Jerusalem! Many people think that, according to what Revelation 21 and 22 say, the New Jerusalem is a physical city. But Why would God desire to work Himself into man and mingle Himself with man, and the consummation […]