being willing to lose our soulish enjoyment for the building up of the church

Just as the disciples had a foretaste of the Lord’s resurrection by seeing His transfiguration on the mountain (see Matt. 16:28 and Matt. 17), so today the Lord comes to us when we lose our soul life to give us the real enjoyment! If we lose our soul life for the Lord’s sake in this age, we will receive the reward of the real enjoyment of the Lord in our soul when He comes to us again and again! If we don’t lose our soul life in this age but seek to have it, we are double losers – the enjoyment we have in this age in our soul is NOT REAL, and at the Lord’s return we will really lose our soul life. But if we lose our soul life in this age, we are double winners – we have the REAL enjoyment of Christ in our soul in this age and when He returns, we will gain our soul! [continue reading online]