Our Ultimate Responsibility is to Bear the Testimony of Jesus for His Expression

In the church life today we need to bear the ultimate responsibility related to God’s ultimate move on earth to first be saturated and permeated with Christ for the church as the Body of Christ, and second to bear the testimony of Jesus. God’s move today is toward Europe, and He wants to gain many […]

The Lord’s Recovery is for the Building up of the Universal Organic Body of Christ

This morning I was encouraged to realize that the Lord’s recovery is based upon the truth that Christ has only one Body, and the Lord’s recovery is for the building up of the Body of Christ and not for any particular local church or individual. The Lord’s urgent need today on earth is to gain […]

The Body of Christ is the Governing Law of Life and Work of the Children of God

According to the divine revelation in the New Testament, the Body of Christ is the governing law of life and work of the children of God; our work and our living should be governed, measured, and constrained by the vision of the Body of Christ. At the end of this age, what God desires to […]

The Goal of God’s Eternal Economy is the Reality of the Organic Body of Christ

In the church life today we must walk in the truth of the heavenly vision of God’s economy, aim at the mark of God’s economy, and do everything for the goal of God’s eternal economy; the vision of God’s economy needs to be renewed in us day by day to be a controlling vision of […]

Living in the Divine Fellowship to Be in the Reality of the Body of Christ

When we were born again by receiving the Lord Jesus as the divine life in us, we were born of God and we were “plugged into” the fellowship of the divine life. Every genuine believer today has an inward flow of the divine life which speaks to him, regulates him, supplies him, and keeps him […]

the direction of the Lord’s move today is to build up the organic Body of Christ

What is the direction of the Lord’s move today? In every age God is moving, and there’s a direction to His move. In our age, the direction of the Lord’s move is firstly to build up the Body of Christ for God to have a complete corporate expression in the universe! For this, we as […]

standing on the unique ground of the church for the Lord to gain His overcomers

In the Bible there is a very simple and at the same time very powerful principle related to the church: one city, one church – within one city there is only one local church. In the early days, the believers practiced it all the time – the practice of the church life after the Pentecost […]