Fellowship is the Circulation of the Divine Life in the Body of Christ

What a wonderful thing to realize that fellowship is the reality of the church life, for fellowship is the circulation of the divine life in the Body of Christ, just as there’s a circulation in our human body! This word, fellowship, has been taken for granted by most of us, for both in the world […]

The Fellowship of Life is the Reality of the Church Life, Bringing in Oneness

The circulation in the Body of Christ is the fellowship of the divine life, and this circulation is vital for all the believers in Christ. Just as we have a circulation of blood in our human body – without which we would be dead – so in the organic Body of Christ there’s a circulation, […]

the secret of the Christian life and the church life is living in the mingled spirit

What is the reality of the church life? The church life is composed of all the believers in Christ who live in their spirit. The reality of the church life is to live in the spirit. In the church life we learn to pay attention not to our mind or emotion but to our spirit. The Christian life, the family life, and the church life – are all a life in our spirit. The divine Spirit as the consummation of the processed Triune God is mingled with our spirit as the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, continually saturating us as we open to Him and allow Him to spread in us… [continue reading online]

the church life today is the kingdom of the Son of God’s love, a delightful place

The church life has a practical and tangible aspect to it like the meetings, the services, the arrangements, the blending, conferences, etc. But the church life also has an invisible aspect – the reality of the church life is the kingdom of God, a realm where we are ruled in love with life. Here we are under the heavenly ruling and restriction – and at the same time we have real freedom in love, with life, and under light. Praise the Lord, we can exercise our spirit and allow the divine life to rule in us in love under light – and we become part of the enlargement of the kingdom of God on earth, the church life! [read more online]