The Spirit is the Reality of the Triune God, Resurrection, and the Body of Christ

Christ’s resurrection is of utmost importance not only in human history but also to our Christian life and faith. If Christ did not resurrect from the dead, our Christian faith is vain and empty, and all the believers would be miserable people. But Christ DID resurrect, and we believe in the resurrection of the dead; […]

the Triune God in His Word infused into us is the truth that sets us free and sanctifies us!

We need to come to the written Word of God that we may get the living Word, the Rhema Word of God, infused into us. When the Word is mingled with the living Spirit in our spirit, we are sanctified with the essence of God. If we daily contact the Word of God in this way, God is added to us daily – and we are permeated with God and made one with Him!