Paying the Price to Obtain the Life Supply from the Lord and Give Others Food

Because Joseph suffered and denied himself, he gained the riches of the life-supply; in the seven years of rich crops, he gathered the grain in many barns, and in the years of famine, everyone came to him to buy food. Christ as the real Joseph has all the food, and there’s a famine on the […]

Living under the Rulership of the Spirit within and Recognizing God’s Sovereignty

In Joseph we see a person who accepted everything from God’s hand, one who did not blame or accuse others but lived a life under the rulership of the Spirit. He had feelings and emotions, but he kept them in check, and he didn’t express his excitement or his sorrow. The rulership of the Spirit is […]

Christ Received Gifts in His Ascension and He Will Marry a Wife from the Gentiles

No one else in the Old Testament is such a perfect type of Christ in the things he went through and in his perfectness and reigning. Just like Joseph, Christ came to His brothers to shepherd them, but He was rejected, hated, and sold (betrayed) to be put into prison (death). Just like Joseph, Christ […]

Speaking the Heavenly Vision even while in the “Dungeon” on the Way to the Throne

Before Joseph entered into the fulfillment of his dreams, he had to go through a long period of time (12 years or more) of suffering, trials, and imprisonment. It seemed as if everything around him was not working together for his dreams to be fulfilled, but Joseph was still strong in faith and spoke his vision. […]

Having Boldness and Faith to Interpret Others’ Dreams and Speaking the Heavenly Vision

God gave Joseph two dreams when he was young, but these were not fulfilled until much later; however, even though his own dreams were not yet fulfilled, Joseph had the faith and the boldness to interpret the dreams of this two companions in prison (Gen. 40:8). If we had been Joseph, we would have probably […]

Living Always in the Presence of the Lord and Having Christ Constituted into us

Our God is the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, the Triune God. But what about Joseph – where does he fit in this? If we have the glasses of God’s economy on while reading the last chapters of Genesis we will realize that Joseph and Jacob are a […]