Christ will restore the kingdom of David for the restoration of the entire universe

In Amos 9:11-12 we see a great prophecy concerning Christ’s return to restore the people of Israel and all the nations, In that day I will raise up the fallen tabernacle of David, and I will wall up its breaches and raise up its ruins and build it up as it was in the days […]

four things covered in Joel: chastisement, judgement, Christ, and restoration!

The book of Joel is a small book, having only three chapters, but it covers a lot of things. In this short book we can find the four things the Bible and all the Minor Prophets cover – God’s chastisement of His chosen people Israel, God’s punishment of the nations, the manifestation of Christ, and […]

Christ as the last Craftsman will destroy human government and restore the earth

In a very real sense, what we see as human history being developed in the world today is NOT real and it is not the REAL THING. There’s a divine history happening right now within the human history, and we need to ask the Lord to open our eyes to see history the way He […]

Crystallization-Study of the Minor Prophets – banners, messages, and songs

The 2012 Summer Training messages were on, Crystallization-Study of the Minor Prophets. What a rich time, and what a high speaking from the Lord concerning His move, His economy, and His purpose! Below are the banners for this time, the titles of the messages, and a short video of the singing of the banners of […]