Only what Comes out of Christ can be the Church to Match Christ as His Counterpart

Only what comes out of Christ can return to Christ to match Christ as His counterpart, just as only what came out of Adam and was built by God to become a woman could return to him to be his wife. It is important for us to see what did God do to gain His […]

When the Process of Designation is Completed we will be the Same as Christ

David was a man after God’s heart, and he wanted to build a house for God; this was a noble desire, but God told David that it was his son that will build Him a house, and his seed will be called the Son of God (see 2 Sam. 7:12-14a). David’s response was to go […]

Becoming the Same as Christ and Reaching Maturity by Having our Will Subdued

The deepest longing in the Lord’s heart is to have a counterpart that would match Him in every way. In the Song of Songs we see how we, sinners and strangers from the promises of God, pass through a process of transformation and maturity to become the duplication of Christ, “the Shulammite”, to match Him […]

becoming the same as Christ to be qualified to work with Him for His Body

Who can work with the Lord for the Body? In Song of Songs we see that if we would work with the Lord for the Body we need to become the Shulammite, one who is qualified to work with the Beloved (see Song of Songs 6:13; 7:1-13). In other words, for us to work with […]

a genuine church is a meal offering church life with the fine humanity of Christ

Today we were specifically appreciating the wonderful, fine, gentle, balanced humanity of Jesus. The fine flour is the base of the meal offering, and it typifies the fine and balanced humanity of Christ. Our humanity is rough – though outwardly we may seem to be “a nice lady” or “a proper gentleman”, and though we may behave nicely toward the ones around us, our humanity is rough. Only Christ is gentle, fine, balanced, and right in every way. While He was on earth everyone tested Him, from His brothers, His fellow countrymen, the Pharisees, the priests, and even the Roman officials – there was no fault or blemish found in Him! [read more online]