Denying the Self by being Dependent on God and on the Body of Christ in Experience

Because the self is the soul declaring independence from God, the self is the greatest problem and frustration to the building up of the Body; we need to be those are dependent on God and on the Body, rejecting ourselves and denying the self for the building up of the church. The origin of the self […]

The Self is the Soul Declaring its Independence from God and from the Body of Christ

By the Lord’s mercy we need to have the vision of the self, the greatest hindrance to seeing and entering into the reality of the heavenly vision. In relation to ourselves, the self is the soul life expressing its thoughts and opinions. In relation to Satan, the self is the embodiment of Satan, the thought […]

the Lord Jesus regards our dependence on Him and not what we can do for Him in our self

The word of the Lord Jesus in Matt. 7:21-23 is very sobering and exposing – many people do works of power in His name, cast out demons in His name, prophesied in His name, but the Lord does not recognize them or know them… We can do a lot of good and great things for the Lord – even miraculous things, with the help of the power of God – but if we do things independently of the Lord, He does not approve or recognize it. How much we need the Lord to shine on us and expose our self in all its good or bad intentions and doings, so that we may deny our self and exercise our spirit to be one with the Lord! [continue reading online]

exercising the key of denying the self to shut the gates of Hades and build the church

We need the Lord to shine on us and show us a vision of the self. From the very beginning in the garden of Eden we see that the self is the soul declaring its independence from God. When we are no longer dependent on God but “take matters into our own hands”, we are in the self. The self is the greatest problem to the building up of the Body, and the self is opposing the Body. The principle of the Body is depending on the Lord and depending on the brothers and the sisters… To be independent of the brothers and sisters equals being independent of Christ, but when we are dependent, the self is gone, and instead of the self, we have the Lord’s presence and are full of peace. [continue reading online]