Seeing a Vision of the Mingled Spirit, the Focus of God’s Economy, for the Church Life

If we see that the church is the mingling of God and man, we will also realize that the mingled spirit is the focus of God’s economy, for it is when we live in the mingled spirit and walk in the spirit that we fulfil His purpose. In order for us to live the church […]

Our Spirit is a Mingled Spirit, and we need to Walk According to the Spirit daily

For the inward recovery of His people, God gives us a new heart and a new spirit, and He also puts His Spirit within us; now our spirit is a mingled spirit, and we can and should daily walk according to the spirit. First, in order for Him to come into us, He gives us […]

Praising Christ the King in His Kingdom and in the Sweetness of His Virtues (Psa. 45)

Psalm 45 is full of the praise of Christ, and in the first eight verses we see praising Christ the King in His fairness, His victory, His kingdom, and His virtues; our Christ, the King, is more than worthy to be praised and spoken well of! He is fairer than the sons of men – […]

Being Overlaid with God as Gold to Practically Keep the Oneness of the Spirit

The Lord Jesus prayed for the oneness in John 17, and in Exodus 26 with the tabernacle we can see a picture, a type of this oneness, in the standing boards of the tabernacle which were overlaid with gold; we need to be overlaid with God as gold, for us to be one practically and […]

The Spirit of Jehovah with the Element of the Triune God in God’s Relation with Man

The matter of the Spirit of God in the Bible and in our experience has been greatly misunderstood and misapplied, leading to many superficial, superstitious, and even paranormal things that Christians would believe or think concerning the Spirit. We need to take a look at what the Bible says concerning the Spirit of God, and […]

Three Crucial Points Concerning the Consummated Spirit and How to Enjoy His Supply

Nothing in the Bible is there by accident, and no term that God uses – especially when the Triune God is mentioned – is at random or accidental. The Bible is precise in using terms such as the Spirit of God brooding over the waters in Gen. 1:2, the Spirit of holiness in the Old […]

The Mark of God’s Economy is the Indwelling Christ as the Spirit with our Spirit

According to the entire revelation in the Bible, God has an economy, a master plan, which is to work Himself into man by dispensing His riches into man so that He would gain a corporate man, the Body of Christ, to be His expression on the earth. Paul told Timothy to charge certain ones not […]