In the Recovery of the Church we Build the Church as the House of God and the Kingdom of God

In the recovery of the church we are building up the church as the house of God and the kingdom of God for God to gain an expression and representation on earth even as He intended from the beginning (Gen. 1:26). The books of Ezekiel and Nehemiah are considered the books of recovery, telling us […]

Seeing, Praying for, and Becoming the Temple of God in the Divine and Mystical Realm

As believers in Christ, we are learning to live our human life by the divine life in our spirit; as we do the things we need to do in our daily living, we practice to daily live in the divine and mystical realm of the consummated Spirit so that Christ may be expressed through us. […]

As God-men, we Believers in Christ should Live as Divine and Mystical Persons

The only way to enter the human kingdom, the realm of the human life, is through birth from human parents; the only way to see and enter into the kingdom of God is through regeneration, by being born of God. The kingdom of God is another realm: it is different from the human realm, and […]

We need to Enter into and Become Part of the Divine and Mystical Realm Today

The Lord’s desire is to gain the temple of God, the built up church that is the reality of the Body of Christ in all the local churches. For this to happen, however, we all need to enter into another realm, the divine and mystical realm. When the Lord Jesus was on earth, He was […]

The Body of Christ is the Enlargement of Christ, the Mingling of God with man

It is God’s mercy for us to see HOW does Christ build up the church as the temple of God, and to realize that He doesn’t need our “help” to build the church but He only needs that we LET Him build Himself into us to mingle Himself with us for the building up of […]

Letting Christ Build Himself into us and Build us into God by Abiding in the Lord

The Lord Jesus is the first One who mentioned the word “church” and He said, I will build My church (Matt. 16:18). The question is, how does Jesus build His church? Since He was the son of a carpenter, does this mean that He right now uses a hammer with nails and all kinds of […]

God’s Economy is to have the Temple of God Filled with the Glory of God for Eternity

From the beginning to the end of the Bible the divine revelation is progressive, and in the last book of the Bible we see the consummation of the divine revelation and of God’s economy, the New Jerusalem. What does God want to obtain, how does He obtain it, what does He do to obtain it, […]