The Highest Point in our Spiritual Experience is having a Clear Sky with the Throne Above it

According to our experience and in light of Ezekiel chapter one, the highest point in our spiritual experience is having a clear sky with the throne above it. We need to have the spiritual experiences depicted in Ezekiel 1, from the open heavens with God’s direct speaking to having a clear and expanding sky with […]

Seeing a Vision of the Throne of God for His Administration throughout the Universe

As believers in Christ, we are living creatures who are learning to maintain a clear sky between us and the Lord, and above this clear sky there’s a throne – we need to see a vision of the throne of God for the divine administration throughout the universe. As we are learning to coordinate with […]

As Priests we Come Forward to the Throne of Grace to Receive Mercy and Find Grace

The Lord’s heart’s desire is not only to save us from the world, from sin, and from the self; He wants all His people to be a kingdom of priests, kings and priests to God. As God’s spiritual people today we are His personal treasure, His peculiar possession, so that we may be a kingdom […]

Every Believer is a Royal Priest having the Flow of Life from the Throne of God

In looking at the matter of the need for the recovery of the universal priesthood of the believers we need to realize that Christ is the High Priest and He’s also the King: He’s the High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek! In Hebrews we see Christ as the High Priest bringing us into […]

Living by the Spirit in the Church Life to be in Reality the Kingdom of God Today

The kingdom is the reality of the church and the genuine church is the kingdom of God in this age. God wants to bring in His kingdom into humanity and bring man into His kingdom, and in this age God’s kingdom is manifested as the church. When we believed into the Lord Jesus and received […]

The Throne and the River of Life Typify Christ as King and Priest for God’s Building

At the end of the Bible we see the vision of the New Jerusalem, and in the center there’s the throne of God and the Lamb, out of which flows a river of water of life (see Rev. 22:1). The throne and the river of water of life speak of Christ being both the King […]

Being Brought into the Realm of God’s Economy for Christ to be Our Everything

In this universe there’s a throne, the throne of God, and God sits on the throne administrating the whole universe. We need to be in spirit as the apostle John was, and we will see the throne set up in heaven (Rev. 4:2). Don’t believe what you see, and don’t think that man can do […]