The Mending Ministry is of Life: Christ is our Life Personally and Intimately!

John the Apostle had a mending ministry of life – the way he mended the church and the situation among the believers was by presenting Christ as life to them. What we need in order to be mended by the Lord for His building is not outward correction or self-improvement but life, the divine life. […]

The Tree of Life Signifies Christ as Life to Man – He’s So Available and Satisfying!

In Genesis 1 we see God’s intention and His purpose, and in Genesis 2 we see the way God accomplishes His intention. The way God obtains a man in His image to express Him and represent Him is by man taking in God as the tree of life to be filled with Him and live […]

The Tree of Life in the Bible: its Identity, Enjoyment, Operation, and Ministry

The way God fulfills His purpose of having a corporate man to express Him and represent Him is by His life. As seen in Gen. 1-2 and Rev. 21-22, there are four organic items mentioned, which are the procedure God takes to fulfill His purpose: the tree of life, the river of water of life, […]

The Central Thought of God and How God Accomplishes His Purpose by His Life

As we enter into a more crystallized study of the book of Genesis in our Holy Word for Morning Revival, we want to be emptied and unloaded in our spirit so that we may receive a fresh revelation from the Lord, and we want to be pure in heart so that we may see this […]

A Built-Up Church has God’s Rule, the Flow and Supply of Life, and God’s Light

The church today is a miniature of the New Jerusalem, and the main characteristics of the New Jerusalem should be seen today in a built-up church. First of all, the New Jerusalem has the presence of God – God is with man, dwells with man, and is one with man. In the church today the […]

being the seekers of God who care for nothing but gaining God and obtaining God

It is not a matter of “keeping the law”, “doing the right thing and not the wrong thing”, “being good and not being evil” – all these belong to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is a matter of enjoying God, seeking God, obtaining God, and even possessing God as our everything. God wants us to experience Him and enjoy Him to the extent that we honestly and genuinely say, “Lord, I don’t care for anything but the tree of life – I don’t care for anything other than God Himself”. This is what the psalmist experienced, enjoyed, and spoke about when he wrote Psalm 73. [read more online]

we can come forward with boldness to God as the tree of life through the blood of Jesus Christ

Even though man fell and became corrupted to the core, God as life still found a way to bring man back to Himself. Through the redemption of Christ on the cross, God opened a new and living way for man to come back to God. Christ’s redemption satisfied all the requirements of God’s righteousness, holiness, and glory – now the way is open for man to come forward to God! We can now come forward with boldness to the throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace for timely help (Heb. 10:20). [continue reading online]