The Body of Christ, the Corporate Christ, Carries out God’s Administration Today

We need to see the vision of the Body of Christ. The Body is a mystical corporate entity composed of all the redeemed, regenerated, and transformed human beings who are united, mingled, and incorporated with the Triune God. Christ Himself is the Head of the Body, and all the genuine believers in Christ are the […]

The Body is the Intrinsic Significance of the Church and the Mingling of God with Man

The church is the most precious thing in God’s eyes, and Christ gave Himself up for the church to redeem her and bring her to Himself. We need to see a vision of the preciousness, importance, and practicality of the church: the church is very important to God, and the church is both universal and […]

knowing the Body by dealing with our flesh, our self, and our individualism

All the believers in Christ are members of the Body of Christ by their spiritual birth in the life of God. But do we know the Body in reality? Is the Body of Christ something real to us in our experience? We may understand the concept of the Body of Christ, and we may mentally […]