The Body is the Intrinsic Significance of the Church and the Mingling of God with Man

The church is the most precious thing in God’s eyes, and Christ gave Himself up for the church to redeem her and bring her to Himself. We need to see a vision of the preciousness, importance, and practicality of the church: the church is very important to God, and the church is both universal and […]

God’s Purpose for the Church is to Head up All Things in Christ Through the Church

The church as the mystery hidden in God’s heart is the most precious thing to Him. As seen in the New Testament, God’s purpose for the church is threefold: positively, the church has the sonship and expresses God in full to the universe; negatively, the church deals with God’s enemy and makes known the multifarious […]

God’s Purpose for the Church is to Have the Divine Sonship and Make His Wisdom Known

The church is very important and precious to God in His economy. Everything He does is for the church. In particular, He has a threefold purpose regarding the church: He wants to be expressed through the church and have His dominion exercised through the church, and He wants to head up all things in Christ […]