Being Joined together in the Way of Life through Grafting for the Building of God

The revelation in Ezekiel 37 shows that the unique way to have the Body, the church, and the House of God in the genuine oneness is the way of life, just as the bones came together and were enlivened to become an army, and the two pieces of wood were joined to be one in […]

The Fellowship of Life is the Flow of Life with the Supply of Life in the Believers

In the New Jerusalem there is a river of water of life flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb, and this river spirals down from the throne and reaches all the four sides of the city, flowing out through the gates of the city (Rev. 22:1-2). On both sides of the river […]

knowing the pathway of life: death is the way for God’s life to be released

The Christian life is a life and a living on the pathway of life; as Christians and as followers of the Lord Jesus we need to enter through the narrow gate and walk on the constricted way which leads to life (see Matt. 7:13-14). What is this pathway of life? We have the divine life […]

Taking the way of LIFE and TRAINING in serving the Lord and serving the young people

In order for us to serve the Lord in taking care of the young generation in a proper way, we need both LIFE and TRAINING. There are always these two extremes: some emphasize LIFE(saying that our service should be in life, we don’t need to “coordinate” or plan things – let life take the lead, […]

we need to grow in life every day – be filled with the divine life!(sharing from the yp conference in Poland)

Praise the Lord for the wonderful supply of His life in His Body. Year by year, I appreciate more and more the opportunity of being at the conferences, where we can be completely separeted from our problems and we can consecrate this time to the Lord. Together with other saints we have an opportunity to […]

How do I know if I am in the flesh or in the spirit? Knowing the inner sense of life…

This has been a puzzling question to myself. Perhaps, most of us, though we’ve been in the church life for quite some time and have some growth and experience of the Lord, at some point we’re brought to a place of wondering in our being asking ourselves, “Am I in the flesh or in my […]