God’s Move follows our Move, we Follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in God’s move

In cooperating with God to carry out His move we need to realize that we believers in Christ are living creatures, and the move of God’s work depends upon our moving; God’s move follows our move, we follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in the wheels – God’s move. This is signified by the […]

God’s Move in His Economy is to Deify Man to Bring in the New Man for God’s Expression

What a wonderful thing it is to see that God’s move in His economy is to deify man and bring forth the one new man for God’s expression and administration on the earth! Hallelujah! The following five weeks we are enjoying the Lord’s speaking on the matter of the world situation and the Lord’s move, […]

God’s Move Depends upon Our Moving: the Church must Match Christ in His Move

In Ezekiel 1:19-20 we see that there are four living creatures, each one having a great and high wheel, and wherever the creatures went, the wheels went also. The creatures followed the Spirit, the wheels went with the creatures, and the Spirit was in the wheels – so mysterious, yet so real in our daily […]

The Lord’s Move is in Our Move – He is the Wheel Within the Us as the Wheel

There is so much to enjoy and see concerning the vision in Ezekiel 1:15-21! The greatest revelation in the first chapter of Ezekiel is the wheel within the wheel (Ezek. 1:15-16). Christ as the hub (a small wheel) is within us as the rim (the bigger wheel, His expression on earth) causing us to move. […]

God’s Move on Earth is by the Move of “the High and Awesome Wheels” (Ezek. 1)

The way God carries out His economy is through His move, and God’s move is portrayed in Ezek. 1:15-21 by the move of the high and awesome wheels. When we walk from here to there we don’t need wheels, but when we go to specific places we need some wheels. God has a special move, […]

Seeing and Being in the Great Wheel of the Move of God’s Economy (Ezekiel 1)

In this universe there is such a thing as the will of God, and what God desires to do is not necessarily related to matters related to our personal benefit and comfort. In His will, God wants to become the life, content, and everything to His people so that He may be expressed corporately through […]

Giving God our Full Cooperation for Him to Move in the Principle of Incarnation

These past few weeks we have been getting into the matter of prayer – a man of prayer, persevering in prayer, and the need for more prayer. But why do we need to pray? What is the goal of our prayer? We need to see that without prayer we cannot be one with the Lord […]