The Church Life is a life of being Headed up in Christ, the Unique Head of the Body

Due to the rebellion of Satan and of man, the whole universe is in a heap of collapse and in rebellion against God, but in the church life we are being headed up in Christ so that, through the church, God would have a way to head up all things in the universe in Christ. […]

The Church is Heavenly: the Nature of the Church is to Submit to God’s Authority

The nature of the church is heavenly, and the main significance of this is that the church is under Christ’s authority, submitting to no other person but Christ and His authority alone. It is vitally necessary for us as believers in Christ to know the nature of the church. According to the New Testament, the […]

God’s Intention is to Work on Man to Bring man to the Throne and Deal with Satan

The Lord Jesus is the man-God on the throne, and God’s intention is to work on man to bring man to the throne – God wants man to deal with Satan and subdue him, bring in God’s kingdom, and represent God with His authority. In order for us to be brought to the throne we need […]

Being Brought under the Ruling of God’s Authority through the Gospel of the Kingdom

Our unique commission given by the Lord is that we preach the gospel; He as our Lord and Savior took the lead to preach the gospel of the kingdom, and now we as His disciples and believers need to follow Him and preach the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth. The gospel […]

a turn from keeping the law and being good Christians to enjoying Christ and living Christ(Psa. 1-16)

In the Psalms we see the path, the struggles, and the expression of the human sentiments of some of God’s loving seekers. Godly men like David, Asaph, the sons or Korah, Moses, etc – they sought after God, pursued the knowledge of God, and wanted to experience and know God. But many times they said […]

God declares that He has installed Christ as the King in Mount Zion – Jesus is the King!

Psalm 2 is so rich, but as we read it and enjoy it, we may be one of the many believers who insert our own concept and our own understanding of this Psalm. May the Lord save us from being the wrong kind of person when we read the Bible – the kind of person […]

Psalm 2 in the light of God’s systems of grace and of government(2) – Kiss the Son! Love the Lord!

This is a continuation of the sharing on Psalm 2 – going through Psalm 2 in the light of the two systems of God – the system of grace and the system of government. You can read the first part of this sharing – the first part of Psalm 2 – via, The Nations are […]