God’s Main Work is the Work of Building up the Church for His Corporate Expression

Today God does only one work: the work of building Himself into man and man into God so that God and man may be mingled together and become the building of God, the dwelling place of God, the house of God. Everything that He did and does is for His main work of building. When […]

the significance of Christ as the cornerstone for God’s building (Psalm 118)

What does it mean that Christ is the cornerstone in God’s building? In the Psalms we see that Christ is the refuge rock, the blessed Rock, the protecting rock, the higher rock, the unique rock, the strengthening rock, the habitation rock, the unfailing rock, the salvation rock, and the trusting rock! Also, He is nine types of stones: the eternal rock, the foundation stone, the living stone, the cornerstone, the precious stone, the topstone, the cleft rock, the crushing stone, and the stone of stumbling! Specifically, brother Andrew Yu was sharing at least 6 aspects in which Christ being the cornerstone is very significant: [continue reading online the six aspects]