Enjoying and Proclaiming the Jubilee to Bring Others to Enjoy their Birthright

God ordained that His people would inherit the birthright; He wants them to enjoy their allotted portion of the good land and to be priests and kings for God to be His kingdom on earth. But unfortunately many of God’s people have lost their land and even themselves due to poverty, and they had to sell themselves into slavery. […]

In the New Testament Jubilee the Birthright is Shifted from Israel to the Church

In the Old Testament the birthright belonged to the firstborn son of a family. According to Exo. 4:22, Israel is God’s firstborn son, and for many centuries the people of Israel enjoyed the birthright. But when the Lord Jesus came, Israel lost the birthright due to their unbelief, and the birthright was shifted from Israel […]

in the age of the jubilee we are in the age of ecstasy – we are besides ourselves enjoying the Lord!

God intends to be man’s pleasure, man’s possession, and man’s inheritance – this is why He presented Himself to man in the beginning as the tree of life! But because man has lost his inheritance(which is God Himself) and his family(which is the Triune God and the family of God), man needs to be recovered, […]

The significance, the preciousness, and the enjoyment of birthright in God’s economy(testimony about the 2010 Poland camp)

Just the title is filled with a wow-factor that gives me goosebumps. Saints, did you know, that you have a BIRTHRIGHT? Yes, and what a right that just for having been born has been given to you. The right to the priesthood, the kingship and the double portion of the land. What does that mean, […]