Christ as life meets every man’s need(sharing from the college age conference)

The Gospel of John is a book on life and building. It tackles nine cases of man and how Christ as life meets every man’s need. In this Gospel we see that nothing in this world can satisfy us. We were made as a vessel to contain God. We have to see our true condition […]

God wants us to know Him personally, subjectively, and intimately; we need to know God!

So far I have been in awe at the Christ revealed in the book of Isaiah, as we have been going through the Crystallization-study of Isaiah(1). In message two we see that Christ is the Lord Jehovah, the Eternal God and we need to have a revelation of Him so that we can know Him, not […]

Only Christ can Really Quench Our Thirst and Satisfy Us Fully

The Gospel of John shows us many instances of how Jesus, as the Incarnated God-man, came to meet man’s many and varied needs. In reading through this Gospel, we see that, in the parables and events shown, Jesus met fallen man’s need. In chapter four, man “being thirsty” displays that he is seeking for something […]