We need to Experience and Enjoy Christ with His Humanity for the Building of God

If you read Ezekiel 40-48 and have the Lord’s divine light shining in your reading, you will realize that we have to experience and enjoy Christ for the Body in a detailed and specific way, as shown in all the features and details of the holy building of God. From the wall to all the […]

Functioning in Coordination and doing Everything through the Cross and by the Spirit

In his epistles Paul speaks of the different functions that the members of the Body of Christ have, and in Ezekiel 1:9-12 we see a beautiful picture of the functioning in coordination which we need in the church life. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, and when it comes to the matter of […]

Allowing the Uniting Spirit to Cross us and Join us to other Believers in the Body

The oneness the Lord Jesus prayed for in John 17 is seen in picture in the tabernacle in Exo. 26 in three main steps: the three gold rings on the standing boards, the gold overlaying the boards, and the uniting bars that joined all the boards. The Lord prayed that we all may be one […]

The Move of Christ by Men Bearing God’s Testimony by the Spirit through the Cross

When God gave Moses the pattern of the tabernacle with all its furnishings on the mountain, He was very detailed and precise. On the one hand, when we read Exo. 25 we see a picture of the ark of the testimony – and we even may be able to draw a sketch of the ark; […]

Principles of Worshipping God According to the Way Ordained by Him in His Word

In Exodus 20:22-26 God unveils to His redeemed people how they should worship Him; before this time, He has never revealed this to anyone – not even to Abraham, the friend of God. After God brought His people to mount Sinai and gave them the Ten Commandments, He revealed some specific things related to the […]