Take time to Behold the Lord in the Morning: Don’t Seek a Feeling but simply Touch Him!

We must cooperate with God’s desire by practicing to give Him a free way to spread Himself into every part of our being. (The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1963, Vol. 1) How wonderful it is to give our dear Lord the first place in all things! God desires to have the preeminence, but He […]

Being Revived and Mingling our Praying with our Reading to Receive Light!

The night before, I usually pray to the Lord to wake me up in the morning. I don’t usually wake up late, but I still want to ask the Lord to wake me up at specific times in the morning. This is how I started to have a personal time with Him in the morning, […]

I Confess my sins, Pray the Word, Read the Morning Revival, and Share with Someone

To begin with, my goal in having a time with the Lord every morning is to touch the Lord. This is always my focus – I must touch Him, I must enjoy His sweet presence and receive His dispensing into my being. I normally begin with confession of my sins, laying my hands upon Him, […]

The Foundation, Purpose, Principles and Practice of Morning Revival

My Foundation: To know Him the Lord has been my aspiration since my prayer in 1970, “God, if You are real, be real to me.” In the spring of 1973 I was introduced to the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee through some faithful brothers. These brothers taught me that the best and most […]

Morning by Morning – Morning Watch and Morning Revival

This is the first part of the sharing by brother A. P. in the series of “Morning by Morning – Morning Watch and Morning Revival”. Every morning the married couple I stayed with would get up and leave. About 45 minutes later they returned. As their guest they didn’t wake me plus I had just […]

the highest work carried out by God’s children is to praise the Lord!

What is the highest work a Christian can do? It is not merely praying or doing a lot of things for the Lord, but it is praising. When we praise the Lord, we enthrone Him and we exalt Him. The highest work carried out by God’s children is praise – the highest expression of a […]

being a Christian Student on the Campus – the fellowship with other students is encouraging

The thing that has really kept me going through the whole semester has been living in the brothers’ house next to the campus. Whenever things are tough or I just need to pray or read something I can touch the Lord with one of the brothers [continue reading online]