A Daily Revived Living: Renewed every Morning and Freshly Transformed every day

In order for us to practice the scriptural way to meet and serve for the building up of the Body of Christ, we need a daily revived living and a labor in shepherding that flow out from our love for the Lord. To practice the God ordained-way to meet and serve is not merely to […]

The Saving Life of Christ Accomplishes the Organic Goal of God’s Dynamic Salvation

The righteous shall have life and live by faith (Rom. 1:17) – the righteousness of God is the procedure of God’s salvation judicially, the life of Christ is the purpose of God’s salvation organically, and the faith of the believers is the substantiation of God’s salvation practically. The gospel of God has a solid structure: […]

When the Process of Designation is Completed we will be the Same as Christ

David was a man after God’s heart, and he wanted to build a house for God; this was a noble desire, but God told David that it was his son that will build Him a house, and his seed will be called the Son of God (see 2 Sam. 7:12-14a). David’s response was to go […]

Growing in Life for our Transformation in Life to be Designated the Sons of God

The desire of God’s heart is to have many sons who are conformed to the image of Christ, His Firstborn Son. From eternity past, Christ as the second of the Godhead was the only begotten Son of God, possessing only divinity; through incarnation, Christ put on humanity, and in His resurrection He brought His humanity […]