Our Coordination as Living Creatures is not in Ourselves but in God and by His Grace

Last week we have seen who the four living creatures are and how this applies to our Christian experience; this week we want to see the coordination of the four living creatures, which is the key to understanding the vision in Ezekiel 1. Chapter one of Ezekiel is the deepest chapter in the Bibles, and […]

Being in the Shadow of God’s Grace and under His Light, with a Noble and Pure Heart

God gave Moses the pattern of the tabernacle with all its details, and He chose someone called Bezalel to be a “master builder” and lead the building up and setting up of the tabernacle. Paul also referred to himself as a “wise master builder” in 1 Cor. 3:10. This week in our Crystallization-Study of Exodus […]

Dwelling in God’s House by Praising Him and Having the Highways to Zion in our Heart

The goal of God’s salvation, provision, and revelation as seen in the book of Exodus is His building, the tabernacle; as believers in Christ, we need to go on with the Lord and experience Him as reality of all the furnishings of the tabernacle so that we may be part of His building, His heart’s […]

Christ as the Angel of Jehovah was Sent by God to Care for us, Lead us, and Serve us

In Exodus (and in many other books of the Bible) we see the title, “The Angel of Jehovah” being ascribed to a person who comes to call and send God’s people, care for them, admonish them, and do many things for them. On the one hand it is God Himself who loves and cares for […]

Being Pure in Heart under the Skylight to Receive Light from the Lord in this Age

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from every sin (1 John 1:5, 7). How can we see God (who is light)? It is by […]

Only in God’s Light we see Light: We see what God Sees, the True Condition of Things

The Bible as the word of God is a very special book – it is very different from any other book in the world. In the Bible we have the Word of God, and we can see the divine light. The Bible reveals God as light, and the word of God is a realm of […]

Fighting for Our Birthright and being One with Christ to Redeem Other’s Birthright

All the believers in Christ have the birthright to enjoy God, express God, and represent God. However, not all the believers enjoy and exercise their birthright. Rather, there are many Christians who do not know about their birthright; there are many believers who are defeated, who have lost their birthright, and who live in spiritual […]