Coming to the Throne of Grace in our Spirit to enjoy Christ as our great High Priest

How thankful we are to God that we have such a great High Priest, Jesus Christ, who is now in ascension in the heavenlies and also in our spirit! Having therefore a great High Priest – Jesus Christ, the Son of God – who has passed through the heavens, let us hold fast the confession […]

Experiencing the Dividing of our Soul from our Spirit to Seek the Things Above

In order for us as believers in Christ to seek the things which are above and set our mind on them (Col. 3:1-2), we need to experience the dividing of our soul from our spirit (Heb. 4:12) and we need to turn to our spirit. All the things related to God and His economy are […]

The Highest Point in our Spiritual Experience is having a Clear Sky with the Throne Above it

According to our experience and in light of Ezekiel chapter one, the highest point in our spiritual experience is having a clear sky with the throne above it. We need to have the spiritual experiences depicted in Ezekiel 1, from the open heavens with God’s direct speaking to having a clear and expanding sky with […]

We see the Divine Light when we are in our Spirit and in the Church, God’s Sanctuary

As believers in Christ we are priests of God, and it is our function as priests to light the lamps in the Holy Place, that is, walk in the light and cause the divine light to ascend as we meet with the saints. We need to realize that we are a holy people, we have […]

Eating Christ and Displaying Him as the Bread of the Presence to God and His People

The table of the bread of the presence – also called “the showbread table” – is literally the “face-bread”, the bread of God’s face. God wants His people to present to Him fresh bread for Him to feed on and for His people to feed on in His presence. This is wonderful! On the one […]

Switching On the Law of Life to be Sonized for the Building up of the Body of Christ

There is one major difference between how God relates to man and operates in man, and how Satan relates to man; God asks for man’s cooperation, showing him what will happen if he opens to God and receives God, while Satan deceives man, cheats man, and tempts man, so that he may ruin, usurp, and […]

Cooperating with Christ’s Intercession to Defeat God’s Enemies for Christ’s Return

After Abraham defeated the four kings and was on his way back with the spoil and all the people, someone called “Melchizedek” met him and blessed him. This Melchizedek was a priest of God the Most High, and he was the king of Salem; this one brought out bread and wine and blessed Abraham and […]