Cooperating with the Lord to Recover the New Testament Priesthood of the Gospel

We need to be one with the Lord and cooperate with Him to recover the New Testament priesthood of the gospel, bringing every member of the Body into function in his measure in the Body of Christ. The revelation in the Bible concerning us as believers and members of the Body of Christ has been […]

Seeing the Crucial Points of the Lord’s Recovery of the Church in the Present Age

The desire of God’s heart is to gain the church, his corporate expression, but throughout the ages the church has become degraded; we need to see the crucial points of the Lord’s recovery of the church in the present age. The Lord has been working through the ages to recover His people back to His […]

The Need for the Recovery of the Priesthood among us: All Believers are Priests!

Starting from today for 8 weeks we will be enjoying a very precious yet neglected matter in the Bible, the Priesthood for God’s building. No matter how much we have been in the church life and have known the Lord, we need a recovery of the priesthood with us, in us, and among us. The […]