Living out the Uplifted and Resurrected Humanity of Jesus for the Building of God

The unique material of God’s holy building is the humanity of Jesus: for God’s building, we need to be human not by our natural humanity but by the humanity of Jesus, the resurrected humanity, the uplifted humanity of Jesus. The way the Lord Jesus lived was like no other man on earth. He didn’t just […]

Living by the Divine Life, with an Uplifted Humanity, by the Cross in the Church life

It is so amazing to realize that the church is not only the gathering of God’s called out ones but also an organism with two lives and two natures – the human nature and the divine nature, and therefore we should be those living by the divine life in the church life today. The epistle […]

some enjoyment from “The Humanity of Jesus(2)” podcast on

Did you listen to this past podcast, no #15 (it’s not the last one, but a previous one) about “The Humanity of Jesus (2)” – When people contact us, they should touch a “blue cord” sewn into the fringe of our “garment”; that is, they should touch a living that is under the heavenly rule. For […]