Having the Upper Room Consecration today to be the Continuation of the Book of Acts

In order for us today to be the increase of Christ in the continuation of the book of Acts we need to have an upper room consecration for the Lord’s move, His recovery. In the book of Acts we see the propagation of the resurrected Christ in His ascension, by the Spirit, through the disciples, […]

Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering to Have an Upper Room Consecration and Become Ashes

The church life began when a group of people had an “upper room consecration” to become a corporate burnt offering to God for His satisfaction; this triggered and drew God’s blessing, and many were “burnt” and attracted to Christ by their corporate testimony. In our Christian life we need to never “let the fire on […]

Paying the Price to See the Central Vision of the Completing Ministry of Paul

We need to see the central vision of the completing ministry of Paul, because this central vision is the essence of the Lord’s recovery. The fact that the Lord needs a recovery means that there has been much damage and loss being done throughout the history of the church, and today the Lord wants to […]

Praying to Initiate God’s Move by Having the Upper Room Consecration Today

In the church life the leading ones, the more mature ones, need to take the lead to pray, and we all as the “all men” in 1 Tim. 2:8 need to pray in every place, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and reasoning. The sufficient and necessary condition to be met for God’s desire to […]