Dealing with Sin and Sins, Being Strong in Life, and Serving God by Enjoying Christ

The law of the meal offering indicates that we need to deal with sin and with sins, partake of Christ without sin, be strong in life and serve God as priests, and we should continue enjoying Christ as our meal offering daily. Why is there a need for a “law of the meal offering”? Isn’t […]

The Law of the Meal Offering: Holy Priests Eat Christ with God in the Church life

In Lev. 6:14-23 we see the law of the meal offering, which actually corresponds to the law of the Spirit of life, showing us that in the enjoyment of Christ we should not be lawless but should be regulated by the law of life. The laws of the offerings are ordinances and regulations regarding our […]

The Church Life is a Corporate Meal Offering for God’s Satisfaction and Man’s Supply

Christ is the meal offering, and as we eat Him, we become His reproduction and have His God-man living to be the meal offering, and the church life as the corporate living by the perfected God-men becomes the corporate meal offering. Our need today is to eat Christ as the meal offering by exercising our […]

Eating the Lord’s Humanity for our Life to be a Duplication of Christ’s God-man Living

The meal offering typifies first Christ in His God-man living, and it also typifies our Christian life as a duplication of Christ’s God-man living, for when we eat the human life and living of Jesus, His human living becomes ours. We praise the Lord for coming to be the reality of all the offerings, and […]

As the Meal Offering Christ Lived a Crucified Life in Resurrection without any Sin

The meal offering typifies Christ in His God-man living; as the meal offering, Christ’s humanity was fine and perfect, He was mingled with the Holy Spirit, His humanity bore the aroma of resurrection, He lived a crucified life, and He had no sin or any negative thing, neither did He have any natural affection or […]

The Meal Offering Typifies Christ in His God-man Living – He’s God Mingled with Man

This week in our morning revival we are getting into the vision and enjoyment of the meal offering, and in particular today we want to see how the meal offering typifies Christ in His God-man living. All the offerings are types of Christ as the One who not only bridges the gap between us and […]