A Priest is a Person who Serves in Newness of Spirit and Ministers to the Lord

This week we have been both enjoying and prayerfully studying the definition of a priest: what is a priest according to the Bible, and how can we be priests to God today. Christ Himself is the High Priest, and the way for us to be priests is to have Christ reproduced in us. A priest, […]

Having a Daily Life of Eating and Drinking Christ as a Memorial in the New Jerusalem

It is so encouraging to know that we are becoming the NEW Jerusalem! Today we are in the process of being renewed day by day by having God’s element being wrought into us, and we will be so new that we will be called New Jerusalem (Rev. 22:1-2). In our natural man there’s nothing new, […]

As Resurrected People, We Now Live the Church Life Through Death and Resurrection

The living of Noah and his family after they came out of the ark was a seed of the church life. The first thing that Noah did was to set up an altar and to offer sacrifices to God (see Gen. 8:20). The first thing we do when we come into the church life is […]

keeping ourselves empty, open, fresh, living, and young with the Lord for His move

This morning we were enjoying some simple ways to cooperate with Christ in His heavenly ministry in the day of His warfare. First of all, we need to rise up early in the morning to contact the Lord whom we love so that we may enter into the womb of the dawn to be conceived […]

we were buried with Christ in baptism and now we live a new life with Him in resurrection

This morning I enjoyed this particular aspect of the importance of the baptism and the meaning of baptism. When we were baptized, besides putting everything old behind, dying to the world / flesh / sin / the self / Satan / everything in the past, we also died to the law and now we are […]