The Mending Ministry is More than Fixing a Hole; it Makes us Suitable for God’s Building

There’s a certain correlation between the occupation of those called by the Lord Jesus to follow Him and their future ministry in the Lord. When the Lord Jesus called Peter and Andrew, they were casting the net into the sea to catch fish (Matt. 4:18-20); Peter’s ministry was to catch men alive, to be a […]

Christ as the last Craftsman will destroy human government and restore the earth

In a very real sense, what we see as human history being developed in the world today is NOT real and it is not the REAL THING. There’s a divine history happening right now within the human history, and we need to ask the Lord to open our eyes to see history the way He […]

whenever we as God’s people exalt Christ there will be restoration and revival!

After we are saved, we daily call on the name of the Lord and we daily learn to give Him the first place in all things. We as regenerated people need to come together in the meetings of the church and exalt Christ by our singing, our praising, our praying, and even our shouting, Praise the Lord! We shouldn’t be silent – we need to exalt Christ by declaring, Oh, Lord Jesus, You are right now at the right hand of God – we exalt You! We give You the preeminence in our church life, our family life, our work life, our personal life, and in everything! We exalt You Lord Jesus! [continue reading online]

since we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our tongue is like the pen of a ready writer

since we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our tongue is like the pen of a ready writer ready to write our love for Him and our praise to Him with our experience and enjoyment of Him according to all that He is! If we love the Lord Jesus, our tongue will be like the pen of a ready writer – we don’t need to “write a draft” of our love for Him, of the things we want to say concerning Him! If we have an affectionate love for the Lord Jesus, our heart is fully in love with Him, and we are ready to write our love our praise to Him…

The proof of our justification is the resurrected Christ – now Christ is our righteousness!

Due to man’s fall, he was cast out of the presence of God. God is Holy and God is Righteous – He cannot have fellowship or communication with the sinful man unless man is justified before Him and restored to his original condition. A little over 2000 years ago there was a man called Jesus […]

Christ as the sprout becomes the banner, and as the branch He becomes the standard for all the nations

Today we have a foretaste of what God wants to accomplish fully in the next age – the restoration of life, the restoration of all things to Himself, and the restoration of Israel to God. Through the restoration of Israel, Christ will become a banner to the peoples and a standard to the nations! When […]

today in the church life we have a foretaste of the coming age, we’re being inwardly changed and restored!

This morning we were enjoying the verses in Isaiah 11:6-9 that refer to the condition of the creation at the time of the restoration of life – so peaceful, so normal, yet so different from what we see today: v. 6 And the wolf will dwell with the lamb; And the leopard will lie down […]