in His ascension Christ led us as captives to the Father and received us as gifts to the Body!

We are gifts produced by Christ’s descending and ascending – He defeated us and took us with Him as vanquished foes, He presented us to the Father, and the Father gave us as gifts for the building up of His dwelling place. But God did not “stop travelling” – He is still travelling within us! Christ is bringing God into us and bringing us into God – by descending and ascending in us and making us gifts to the Body of Christ!

in His ascension Christ led us in a train of vanquished foes and made us gifts to the Body of Christ!

There are some window-words in the book of Isaiah through which we can see much more, with the help of the entire Bible, than what Isaiah wrote about these matters. Such words are, as we saw before, SEED, EXTENSION, and, as Isaiah 53:12 reveals, SPOIL. Here is what this verse says, Therefore I will divide to […]