The Real Significance of Prayer: Contacting God in Our Spirit to Absorb God!

What is the real significance of prayer? Is prayer the utterance of our need for help from God? Is prayer merely us praying to the Lord by opening our heart and telling Him everything? Is prayer a conversation with God? Is prayer a monologue in which you talk and you hope that God is listening? […]

enjoying the many positive functions of the law as the word of God (Psalm 119)

When we read Psalm 119 carefully we realize how much the psalmist loved the word of God, the law, the precepts, the ordinances, and the commandments. Yes, on the one hand the law of God / the word of God exposes us of our sin and preserves us unto Christ, but on the other hand […]

a trainee’s testimony – the full time training is the best place to be infused with God!

The life in the training is a practice of the kingdom life. I wasn’t bothered that much by the outward problems and difficulties that I faced, but I started to see my old man who is very active, wanting to fulfill God’s law. But I realized that only Christ can make it. I must be defeated and let Christ be victorious in me in every way [read online the sweet testimony of a trainee after his first semester in the FTTL, the Full Time Training in London, UK]

learning to take the inward parts of Christ Jesus as our own inward parts in caring for the church

What does the expression “the inward parts of Christ Jesus” mean? This morning we were praying over Phil. 1:8 and Col. 3:12 and I was encouraged to open to the Lord and allow Him to infuse me with His feelings, His desires, His emotions, His mind, His will – even to replace my inward parts […]

Christ opened a new and living way into God and He is the Author & Perfecter of our faith!

The Epistle to the Hebrews is so rich – there are so many aspects of the all-inclusive Christ revealed in this book! He is the One sent by God coming to “do God’s will” (Heb. 10:9) – He came to put away the animal sacrifices of the old covenant and to establish Himself, in His […]

some enjoyment from my first term of training in the FTTL(the Full Time Training in London)

Thank You Lord for Your mercy – I have completed the first term of the full-time training in London. It is really the Lord’s sovereignty that I could give myself to Him to be trained together with those who love Him in this wonderful environment. I have to say that my first term has been […]

how the Old Testament seekers of God enjoyed Him in His Word

This past week we covered message 4 in the Life-Study of Exodus, about How the Old Testament seekers of God enjoyed His word. I enjoyed to see the contrast between the loving seekers of God and the letter keepers of the law. The law keepers had no heart for God or His desire. They sought the […]