Cooperating with the Lord to Recover the New Testament Priesthood of the Gospel

We need to be one with the Lord and cooperate with Him to recover the New Testament priesthood of the gospel, bringing every member of the Body into function in his measure in the Body of Christ. The revelation in the Bible concerning us as believers and members of the Body of Christ has been […]

Our Need to See a Revelation of the Body of Christ: We are Members of the Body!

What the believers need today is NOT more knowledge concerning Christ and the Body of Christ but a revelation of Christ and His Body. In the spiritual realm whenever we see something, when we see the Body of Christ for example, we enter into the reality of the thing we see. Only God can give […]

Ministering Life to the Body by Experiencing Christ in the Body and For the Body

We have seen that Christ lived a sacrificing life for producing new wine to cheer God and man, and that today we as His believers should live the same kind of life for God’s satisfaction and man’s joy. We need to live a sacrificing life today, and this life is in the Body and for […]

as believers in Christ, the consciousness of the Body needs to become our frame of mind

As believers in Christ, we have the divine life in us besides the human life – and the divine life in us is a corporate life, a communal life, a life that is NOT individualistic. If we enjoy the divine life, if we grow in the divine life, and if we live out the divine […]

when we really see a vision of the Body of Christ we realize our need for fellowship

At the home meeting last night we were enjoying something regarding Being a Member in the Body and Needing the Fellowship in the Body, and I was reminded again of the fact that we all need a fresh vision of the Body of Christ! The Body of Christ is NOT a physical thing, and is […]

The fellowship and prayer with the other members in the Body is our salvation!

If you really ponder on this verse and think about it, it is a little shocking what brother Paul says in Phil. 1:19, For I know that for me this will turn out to salvation through your petition and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Isn’t our salvation from the Lord? Isn’t […]

as the constituents of the Vital Groups, we are members of Christ, brothers of Christ, and prophets of God!

On the one hand, the first three items of the constituents of the vital groups are the believers in Christ, the disciples of Christ, and the witnesses of Christ. Furthermore, the next 3 items which are that constituents of vital groups are the members of Christ, the brothers of Christ, and the prophets of God. […]