When God’s Light Shines on us, we will be Measured by the House of God for the Body

After revealing the pattern, design, and features of the house of God to Ezekiel in a vision, God instructed him to describe God’s house to God’s people so that they would be measured by the house of God and be ashamed of their iniquities (see Ezek. 43:10-12). This is something very deep, profound, and mysterious, […]

Turning our Heart to the Lord and Coming to the Word with the Lord to Receive Light

My experience of morning revival has been helped the most with this simple prayer, “Lord Jesus I turn my heart to You right now.” I have a real need to start my time with the Lord each morning with this prayer. This prayer simplifies my coming to Him and opens me to receive what He […]

Being Saved from the Love of Money and Riches by Loving God and Serving Him Only

Pure commerce is the most evil thing on earth, and it will be fully judged by God as it consummates in Babylon the Great. The commercial mind in us needs to be exposed and removed by the Lord’s shining, and our heart need to love the Lord supremely and without any expectation for something in […]

simple elements for the composition of a prophecy for the building up of the church

According to 1 Cor. 14, all the believers should pursue, seek, and even desire earnestly to prophesy for the building up of the church(1 Cor. 14:1, 12, 39). We all have both the capacity / ability to speak for God and speak God forth, AND we also have the obligation to prophesy for the building […]

practical points concerning blending – are we in the reality of the Body of Christ?

This thought of blending is very strong in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. In the Old Testament we see that the meal offering had to be of fine flour mingled with oil(Lev. 2:4) – the flour had to be thoroughly blended with oil, mingled with oil – the […]