We need to Grow Up into the Head, Christ, in All Things until We are All One in Him

As members of the Body of Christ, we need to hold Christ as the head, and we need to grow up into the Head, Christ, in all things; in all the things of our daily living and human existence, we need to grow up into Christ, the Head (Eph. 4:15). In thing after thing, matter […]

The Work of the Church today is to bring in the Kingdom of God on the Earth

The gospel of the kingdom is to bring in the kingdom of God, which issues in the church, and the work of the church is to bring in the kingdom of God. The Lord Jesus came not merely to express God and save us from our sins; He came to bring in the kingdom of […]

Keeping the Oneness of the Spirit and Arriving at the Oneness of the Faith

The church life is Christ being experienced by and expressed through the many believers in Christ who daily enjoy Him and experience Him. For the church life as a living in the Body of Christ, the one new man, we need to arrive at the oneness of the faith and of the full knowledge of […]

Growing in Life by Holding to Truth in Love for the Building up of the Body of Christ

God’s highest and deepest purpose for the church is to head up all things in Christ through the church. As part of the church, how can we cooperate with the Lord for the heading up of all things in Christ? It is not by our outward doing or “ruling over others” that we bring all […]

The Divine Sonship is Accomplished by our being Mingled with God unto Sanctification

In eternity past God the Father chose us in Christ to be holy unto sonship (see Eph. 1:4-5). All of God’s people have been chosen by God to be holy for the purpose of being made sons of God and participate in the divine sonship. Throughout history until today this word “holy” has been misused and […]

Growing unto Maturity and Caring for the Body to be Prepared as the Bride of Christ

The Apostle John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband (Rev. 21:2). In God’s eyes and for eternity, the New Jerusalem is already prepared and ready to marry Christ; in time and today, the New Jerusalem is being prepared as we speak […]

Paying the Price to Have Oil in our Vessel by Being Transformed in our Soul

What is the real growth in the divine life? What does it mean to grow in life? How can we cooperate with the Lord so that His life in us may grow? On the one hand, one thing we should definitely do is enjoy the Lord every day, pray-read the Bible, call on the name […]