Seeing how a Lover of the Lord Becomes Full of the Stature of Christ in Song of Songs

The book of Song of Songs shows us how a believer is growing in life unto maturity to fully match Christ, even becoming the Shulammite, the feminine form of Solomon – the same as Christ in every possible way. The loving seeker of Christ is progressively experiencing Christ until he reaches full maturity, becoming the […]

working with the Lord by giving Him our first love and doing the first works

The work that the Lord considers precious and good is the work that comes out of our first love for the Lord. The seeker in the Song of Songs has passed through many processes and was transformed until she arrived to the stage where she tells her Beloved, Let us rise up early for the […]

the Body is the governing law of the life and work of the children of God today

Starting from our regeneration and until the Lord returns to rapture us or until we go to be with the Lord, the governing law of our life and work is the Body of Christ. Everything we are, everything we do, everything we say, should be for the Body, for the building up of the Body. […]

becoming the same as Christ to be qualified to work with Him for His Body

Who can work with the Lord for the Body? In Song of Songs we see that if we would work with the Lord for the Body we need to become the Shulammite, one who is qualified to work with the Beloved (see Song of Songs 6:13; 7:1-13). In other words, for us to work with […]

God pays more attention to what we are than to what we do or can do for Him

In Christianity and in the world alike people pay more attention to great works than to the person of the worker. With the Lord Jesus, His work was His living – there was no difference between His life and His work. He didn’t work for a while and then “took a break to live His […]

the kind of person we are determines the kind of fruit that we produce

In the Lord’s work the principle is that before we can do anything for the Lord we need to allow Him to work Himself into us. The result is not that “we work for the Lord” but that “we work with the Lord” and even “we are the Lord’s work”. We should not do things […]

working with the Lord for the Body and not doing our own personal work

If we would work with the Lord for the Body of Christ, we need to realize that in the Lord’s recovery there is only one work — the work of the Body. God has only one work that He is doing today – the work of building up the Body of Christ. What we are […]