Being Balanced by the Body by having much Prayer and Fellowship with the Saints

As those who are learning to cooperate with the Lord for His ultimate move today, we need to do everything according to the leading of the Spirit, honor the Lord as the Head of the Body, and are balanced by the Body to be kept in its unique oneness. On the one hand, we are […]

Going into the Presence of the Lord and Praying until we have His Leading where to go

We can never overstress the importance of being in the presence of the Lord and enquiring of Him concerning His leading in the matter of our participation in the Lord’s ultimate move; we need to go to the Lord and pray to have the Lord’s leading and follow the Spirit where He leads us. In the […]

We must Honor the Lord as the Head of the Body, Praying until We’re Clear about His Leading

In our cooperation with the Lord for His ultimate move we need to honor the Lord as the Head of the Body by spending much time with Him, waiting on Him, not taking any decisions without Him, and pray to Him as the Lord of the harvest to thrust out workers in His harvest. The […]

Being Filled with the Holy Spirit to be in the Lord’s Living Move and not in a Movement

The way the Lord’s move is described in the book of Acts should be our pattern today; in Acts we don’t see any movement or man-initiated work but the move of the living person of Jesus through His disciples who were filled with the Holy Spirit. Today in the church life in the Lord’s recovery, […]

Being in the Living Move of the Holy Spirit by having a Personal Contact with the Lord

The Lord today has an ultimate move in this world’s ultimate situation, and we in the church life in the Lord’s recovery need to realize that we should not be in a movement but rather we need to allow the Spirit to take the lead, do the work and the speaking, and we should be […]

Everything we do must be According to the Leading, Working, and Speaking of the Spirit

Everything that we do in our Christian life – and especially in what relates to our bearing the ultimate responsibility for the Lord’s ultimate move – must be according to the leading, working, and speaking of the Spirit. Even the best thing that we can do for God can be religion to us if it […]

We need to Follow the Lamb wherever He may go and be Faithful to Him until the End

If we would fulfill the ultimate responsibility in God’s ultimate move, we need to follow the Lamb wherever He may go, seeking His leading and following Him on the journey ordained by Him, faithfully walking on it and being one with Him. On the one hand, Christ is the One enthroned in the heavens as […]