The function of the compound Spirit is to anoint us with all the elements of the compound ointment!

The function of the compound Spirit is to anoint us with all the elements of the compound ointment!We have seen what the ingredients and the components of the holy anointing ointment are – the only God with divinity, the Triune God(the Father, the Son, and the Spirit), man(the creature of God), the precious death of Christ, the sweetness and effectiveness of Christ’s death, the precious resurrection of Christ, the power of Christ’s resurrection, the mingling of divinity with humanity, the power for responsibility, and the building element. All these elements are compounded together to form a holy anointing oil(see Exo. 30:26-31) which is used to anoint everything related to the tabernacle of God and the priesthood serving in the tabernacle. This holy anointing ointment is the compound Spirit, THE SPIRIT(John 7:39), which anoints God’s house and the priesthood in God’s house. When we as members of God’s house are anointed, we are sanctified unto God, separated from anything common and made most holy unto God for His service! When we daily enjoy the Lord in the Word, when we exercise our spirit to touch the Spirit, we are being anointed and sanctified – we are being made holy unto God for His service!

I really enjoyed an illustration given by brother Witness Lee in the life-study of Exodus regarding this ointment and its application – the ointment is like paint, but a “never-drying paint”(if there is such a thing). If we paint a chair in green, and that paint never dries up, whoever touches the chair will be “painted in green” – he will be affected by the paint! It is the same with us – when we are anointed by the Spirit in our exercise and living in our mingled spirit, we are filled with “never drying divine paint” and whoever touches us are “affected” – they are painted with God! All Christians should be influential in such a way – there should be something contagious about them, something of God that is being painted into others as they contact them! When we enjoy God, we have the “wet paint” sign on – and we affect others by “painting them with God”! This is our Christian life – God is painting us and anointing us with the compound Spirit until all the elements of the anointing ointment are being added to our being and are constituted into us! This anointing is actually the moving and working of the indwelling compound Spirit to transfuse, infuse, and addd the divine and mystical elements of His person into our inner being – so that our inner man may grow in the divine life every day! We have the anointing within us(1 John 2:27) and this anointing subjectively “teaches us all things” by painting us and anointing us with all the elements of the Triune God! In this way, we are being taught “subjectively” – by the inward operating Spirit who paints us with all that He is. This anointing of the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ – the operating God – is for our practical, daily, moment-by-moment salvation, which is to be sustained and strengthened to live and magnify Christ under any circumstance(Phil. 1:19-21)! [sharing inspired from the life-study of Exodus msg. 158, as quoted in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, The Central Line of the Bible]

Praise You Lord for the compound Spirit – so rich, so all-inclusive! Thank You for making us Your house, Your dwelling place! Keep anointing us, Lord, with all the rich elements of the compound Spirit! Praise You – we have the anointing! Keep us turning to You all day long to receive more painting with the Triune God! Coat after coat, paint us and anoint us with all that You are and You have passed through! Thank You for this living anointing speaking to us all the time! Subjectively teach us everything by painting us all day long! Lord, keep us in our spirit today!

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  2. Amen Lord coat us more and more with the anointing Spirit. Keep us turning to You all the day long.

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  4. Amen, paint us Lord Jesus coat after coat of your painting spirit.