the precious death of Christ and the sweetness & effectiveness of His death are in the Compound Spirit!

the precious death of Christ and the sweetness & effectiveness of His death are in the Compound Spirit!Christ as the all-inclusive life-giving Spirit today is the compound Spirit – He has been “compounded” with all the elements He picked up in the process He went through. In Exodus 30:23-25 we see that there was an anointing oil being compounded according to the work of a compounder – a holy anointing oil which will anoint everything in God’s house. This ointment typifies the compound Spirit – and all the elements in the compound ointment typify one aspect of Christ’s process, especially His death and resurrection. Here’s what we see in Exodus 30:23-25 regarding the elements in this compounded ointment,

You also take the finest spices: of flowing myrrh… and of fragrant cinnamon… and of fragrant calamus… and of cassia… and… olive oil. And you shall make it… a fragrant ointment compounded according to the work of a compounder; it shall be a holy anointing oil.

This morning we were enjoying the first two items in the compound ointment – the flowing myrrh and the fragrant cinnamonThe flowing myrrh in Exodus 30:23 typifies the precious death of Christ. Paul also tells us in Rom. 6:3 that we who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have also been baptized into His death, and in Rom. 6:6 we see that our old man has been crucified with Christ. The precious death of Christ is the first ingredient of the compound Spirit – and the only way for us to experience the death of Christ is by touching the Spirit and being in spirit. It is in the Spirit that we experience the death of Christ. We cannot “crucify ourselves” – the crucifixion is carried out by the Spirit mingled with our spirit. This is clearly shown in Rom. 8:13 where we see that, “For if you live according to the flesh, you must die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the practices of the body, you will live“. Today we can experience the death of Christ – even the flowing precious death of Christ – by being in our spirit and turning to the Spirit! The Spirit was compounded throughout Christ’s life through His sufferings – Christ lived a crucified life(a life of myrrh) from the manger to the cross as the first God-man(Matt. 2:11; John 19:39). When we exercise our mingled spirit to touch the Spirit, in whatever circumstances or situations we’re in, the Spirit leads us to the cross, and the cross is applied by the Spirit! The more we enjoy the application of the cross of Christ by the Spirit, the more the cross issues in an abundance of the Spirit! This is the experience of Christ as the flowing myrrh – He is the One who lived a crucified life on the earth and myrrh “dropped” from His wounds as everyone around Him caused Him suffering. How rich His living and His death is!

The fragrant cinnamon in Exodus 30:23 typifies the sweetness and the effectiveness of Christ’s death. Just like the antibiotic kills the germs in us when we take it in, the death of Christ kills all the spiritual germs within us when it is being applied to us. Cinnamon has a distinctive aromatic flavor and is also used to stimulate the heart. When we apply the Lord’s death to our situation, it will reduce our pain, it will correct the wrong secretions, and eventually it will stimulate us and make us happy and joyful. We are being conformed to the death of Christ on the one hand by our outward environment – which is consuming us, weakening and decaying our outward man – and on the other hand by our cooperation with the indwelling Spirit who is crucifying us! When we turn to our spirit and experience the Spirit applying the death of Christ to our being as we go through hardships or sufferings, we will taste that the Lord’s death is sweet and envigorating for our heart! It is all in and by the Spirit – we cannot and should not seek to experience the death of Christ or the cross of Christ without the Spirit! Christ’s death, the effectiveness of His death, the preciousness of His death, and the sweetness of His death have all been compounded into the Compound Spirit – the anointing oil that is being applied to us as we exercise our spirit! If we would experience the death of Christ, we need the Spirit. Whenever we enjoy the Spirit with our spirit, we apply the death of Christ to our situation, we have our pain reduced, any wrong and unpleasant secretion is being removed and corrected, and our heart is stimulated and made happy & joyful! [sharing inspired from the life-study of Exodus(by Witness Lee) as quoted in the HWMR on the Central Line of the Bible]

Lord, keep us enjoying You as the wonderful compound Spirit today! Save us from trying to experience Your death or the cross of Christ without the Spirit! Keep us turning to our spirit mingled with The Spirit! We want to have the death of Christ applied to us today! Thank You for bringing us into the experience of myrrh – the precious death of Christ – and of cinnamon – the sweetness and effectiveness of Your death! Lord, how much we need You as the compound Spirit to be applied to our whole being!

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  2. When we turn to the Lord in our spirit and remain with Him spontaneously we apply the cross to our soul. Everything is in Christ, and Christ is everything.