the riots in the UK are not an accident – Satan hates the Training, where the dispensational instrument is produced!

the riots in the UK are not an accident - Satan hates the Training, where the dispensational instrument is produced! [picture: the recent London Riots, August 2011, via IBtimes]In the recent Poland camp we saw that throughout history, whenever the Lord wanted to establish the training, something major would happen – either a war, a revolution, or a major rebellion in the Lord’s recovery. Whenever the Lord establishes the training to perfect and produce His young overcoming saints, the enemy retaliates and attacks back! It happened with brother Watchman Nee(and he was eventually imprisoned) and with brother Witness Lee(rebellion, misunderstandings, trials, etc). What about today? There was this speaking about the full time training in Europe – and the Lord’s desire to gain young ones all over Europe and bring them to the FTTL to be trained… in the FTTA there are >100 saints each term, but in FTTL there are less than 70 in the whole training! This should make us all desperate to pray for the Lord to rise up in all His young ones in Europe and strengthen them to stand with the Overcoming One in their spirit and come and be part of the Bridal Army who accompanies the Overcoming Word of God to come and crush the human government and bring in God’s kingdom! And, saints, we pray! We desperately pray for the Lord’s move, for the Lord to gain Young Ones and bring them to the training….

Yesterday the full-time training in London started – and for the first time ever, there were at least 30 students joining for 1 week training(the Students Training) and for the first time in a very long time, the number of the first time trainees in the FTTL was 23-24! Saints from Holland, Italy, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Germany, UK, Malaysia, China, etc – coming to the training for the Lord to prepare them to be useful to His service! The Lord has gained a solid victory, and He has captivated and drawn many young ones to satisfy Him in the day of His warfare(see Psalms 110). But do you think that Satan will go down like this with no response? He surely does not like losing some young ones to the Lord – especially since the point of the training as it was clearly emphasized yesterday is to produce the Dispensational Instrument – those prepared and made ready for the Lord’s return. So Satan uses other young ones to riot in London – out of the blue, in the same period of time when the training starts in London, there are RIOTS as violent and improper as UK has not seen since 1985! These are not an accident, they are not just the product of the current social condition and the UK domestic problems – no, this is definitely something from the enemy to confirm that he hates the training!

Saints, how much we need to pray! We need to break through in prayer until the Lord binds the enemy, puts him to shame, and gains a group of young ones fully one with the Lord to be His dispensational instrument! The opposition from the enemy is fierce and out in the open, but our desperate and fervent prayers to the Victorious Christ also need to be intensified! Why just witness the world situation, the world news, and not pray as did Daniel in the Old Testament – pray towards God’s House and God’s city! In the midst of the things going on – whether good things, not so pleasant things, unrest and turmoil, or even in the street riots in the UK, the Lord wants to  gain a group of overcoming ones for His heart’s desire – those who are one with Him today! [Also mentioned via, Make Us Those! Picture credit: IB Times, from the recent London riots, August 2011]

Lord, gain what You are after! Gain Your Nazarites, Your overcomers! Lord, bind Your enemy and release the young generation to be For You – sanctified in the midst of this crooked and perverted generation! Lord, break through! Gain more ground in Europe! Gain students on the campus for Your purpose! Lord, Your Young ones who satisfy You by their willing consecration… Lord, we are made for this – and this is what You desire – Gain Your Overcomers! Produce the one new man, the stronger part of the woman, the ones who have Christ as the head, the center, and the everything, those who express You fully and who defeat Your enemy!

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