the significance, preciousness, and enjoyment of the birthright in God’s economy – be open to the Lord!

What a Christ – filled week we had in Poland at the 2010 Poland camp! This year the subject of the messages covered was ‘The significance, preciousness and enjoyment of the birthright in God’s economy’.

You may ask ‘What is the birthright?’ The birthright is the special portion of the firstborn son. The birthright contains three special privileges reserved for the firstborn. These three privileges are

  1. A DOUBLE PORTION OF THE LAND (The land typifies the all inclusive Christ);
  2. THE PRIESTHOOD (The priesthood is for the bringing of man to God);
  3. THE KINGSHIP (The kingship is for the bringing of God to man).

Originally, God created us to be the corporate man to enjoy the birthright,

‘And God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.’ (Gen 1:27)

Sadly, man fell. God had to come in to redeem and save us. Praise the Lord! This was done through our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ! We as Christians are now born of God! We are the sons of God and now we have the birthright! Praise Him! However, we must be willing to cooperate with our God. We must be those that care for His purpose. Only then will we receive the birthright as a reward.

We also saw in this first message that people had different attitudes toward their birthright. Some despised and mistreated their birthright. Others desired and did all they could for the birthright (to get the birthright). Take the example of Esau and Jacob. Esau despised his birthright,

And Esau said, I am now about to die. Of what use is this birthright to me?

And this he was saying because he was very hungry after coming from hunting. Jacob on the other hand saw how precious and wonderful the birthright was. He fought for the birthright even in his mother’s womb! Oh saints, we must have an attitude of caring, treasuring and desiring our birthright. Just be open to the Lord! [guest post: bro. Sam, enjoyment from the 2010 Poland camp]

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