the Triune God in His Word infused into us is the truth that sets us free and sanctifies us!

the Triune God in His Word infused into us is the truth that sets us free and sanctifies us! [picture: Open the Bible]What is the truth? Who is the truth? The Bible clearly shows that all three of the Triune God are related to the truth. The Lord Jesus as the Son of God and the Word of God (John 1:1-4) is the truth (John 14:6). The Spirit is called the Spirit of reality, that is, the Spirit of truth (John 16:13), and the Spirit is the reality / the truth (1 John 5:6). The Father’s word is truth, and in Him there’s no lie. Also, the Word of God is truth, as John 17:17 says, Sanctify them in the truth, Your word is truth.

the truth is the reality of the Triune God

The Triune God in His Word realized by us and being imparted and infused into our being is the truth that sets us free and sanctifies us” – what a solid statement concerning what the truth is! The truth is not just doctrine, but it is the reality of the Triune God which can be found in the Word of God! If we come to the Word with an open heart and an open spirit, we immediately touch the Word and the Spirit as the truth. This is our practice daily and even several times every day – come to the Word in an open way to touch the Spirit and get the truth!

Whenever we are disappointed or depressed, whenever we feel empty within, we can open ourselves to the Lord and come to His Word. We all can testify that after reading the Word of God like this for a while, something within rises up, and we enjoy the sweet presence of the Lord. We read the Word of God with an open heart and spirit, and we get the entire Triune God imparted into our being as the truth. What a simple and practical way to touch the Lord in His Word!

we are sanctified in the Word of God

We need to see that the Father is embodied in the Son, the Son is realized as the Spirit, and the Spirit is one with the Word and even is the Word. When we come to the Word of God, we can touch the Spirit – and something is infused into our inner being. This is the living truth being infused into us! Yes, there is some Bible knowledge involved while doing this, but there’s something living inside this knowledge – the Triune God is realized by us and is transfused into us through His Word. The Word mingled with the Triune God is infused into our being to free us and sanctify us!

We may try as much as we want, but we will realize that we cannot sanctify ourselves; rather, the more we try to “sanctify ourselves”, the more involved we become with things that are common. The way to be sanctified is to come to the Word of God and touch the Spirit, so that the Triune God mingled with the Word would be imparted into us as the truth, and this truth would sanctify us! It is the Triune God mingled with the Word and infused into us that operates in us and sanctifies us from within – all day long, all the days of our life!

permeated with God and one with Him

How can we be one with God? How can we be for His purpose and for His heart’s desire? The answer is not in us or our own efforts but it is through the Word of God. We need to come to the written Word of God that we may get the living Word, the Rhema Word of God, infused into us. When the Word is mingled with the living Spirit in our spirit, we are sanctified with the essence of God. If we daily contact the Word of God in this way, God is added to us daily – and we are permeated with God and made one with Him! This living Word sets us free, sanctifies us, separates us, makes us holy, and works the very essence of God into our being!

This is our need today, as those who pursue the Lord and desire to be one with Him organically, “Our crucial need is to have the living Triune God infused and wrought into us through the written Word, the living Word, and the applied word of God“. [sharing inspired from, Truth Messages, msg. 5, as quoted in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery. You can purchase the morning revival book online, follow the articles on The Four Great Pillars on this blog and become a fan on Facebook for more updates. Picture credit: Open the Bible]

Lord Jesus, change our concept and our way of coming to the Word of God. May we touch the Word with our spirit and come open in heart so that we may receive the living word into us! Make the written word become the living and abiding Word of God in us! May we seek the infusion of the Triune God with His element and essence as we come to the Word. Sanctify us in the truth – Your word is truth!

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