there’s a state of war in the universe – we must choose to be the mighty ones!

there's a state of war in the universe - we must choose to be the mighty ones!

As the Lord Jesus is daily drawing us to Himself we have the honor of choosing to respond in love by living in the divine history that is unfolding within the human history today.

May we be those who do not live primarily or mainly in the outward human history only but those who have a deep aspiration to actually live in the developing divine history within the human history today.

No matter what stage in the growth in life we are, we need to have many transactions with the Lord and even take a firm decision before Him, trusting in the Lord’s faithfulness, that from now on we will NOT MERELY live in the human history.

We want the Lord to know and we also want the enemy to know that, even though we need to do this and that in the human life to take care of our human needs, these things are not the core of our being. We choose to be immersed into the unfolding divine history today!

Being Produced as the Mighty Ones

If we see the divine history which is unfolding within the human history and if we receive the mercy and the grace to be those living in the divine history today, the Lord as the Unique Mighty One will very likely operate within us to make us the same as He is!

According to the high peak of the divine revelation, Christ as the Mighty One will make us what He is in this matter: He will produce us as an invincible, unconquerable, and victorious reproduction of Christ! This is what He needs, and this is what we desire also!

Cause Your Mighty Ones to Descend!

If you read Joel 3 you realize that there will be a final conflict between the figure in the human history – Antichrist with his armies – and the figure in the divine history – Christ and the mighty ones.

Antichrist will be a man with a tremendous soul power energized by Satan, and he will have the power and the authority from Satan himself (see Rev. 13). His desire will be to anihilate Israel, and he will gather all the armies of the nations to come and destroy the people of God.

Israel will be in a hopeless situation and there will be two prayers being offered:

  1. Cause Your Mighty Ones to Descend (Joel 3:11)! There, at that scene, in that impossible situation, the people of Israel will pray that the mighty ones, the corporate reproduction of the Mighty One, would descend!
  2. Oh that You would rend the heavens, that You would come down (Isa. 64:1)!

When all Israel will see that Antichrist seems to be on the verge of victory, many will realize that they cannot trust int heir army and weapons but they will appeal to the Heavens itself! There, Lord, in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, rend the heavens and come down with Your mighty ones!

Note: It is these ones, the mighty ones that the Lord returns with to defeat the enemy, it is these ones that we aspire to be! This is non-fiction – this will actually happen! There will be many matured built up believers who have lived in the reality of the Body of Christ in their lifetime and have become the bride of Christ for His satisfaction! These ones are skilled and experts in war, and they will be the mighty ones! They are beautiful to the Lord, but terrifying to the enemy! We need to CHOOSE to be among them!

Will You Be an Overcomer?

It is a choice today, in the age of grace, that we may be an overcomer. We can choose to be the mighty ones – not that a choice will automatically make it hapen, but this decision will ALLOW the Lord to work in us and reproduce Himself in us!

Do we live just like the other Christians in the many state churches, denominations, and congregations? Is our orientation and our value in the human history?

In the name of “being practical” do we have only a little involvement with the divine history, but basically everything else about us is in the human history?

Do we allow the Lord to train us, deal with us, and mature us in the way that is necessary to make us experts of war?

The Lord knows the situation of our heart, and He will NOT lead us to war when we cannot wage war. If we are still immature in life and we don’t have the sufficient growth, the Lord will not lead us to fight, otherwise we may be discouraged.

But some need to raise up and choose to be trained by God to be an expert of war! The Lord needs some who would fulfill God’s purpose in creating man – express God in His image and represent God with His authority!

God needs some who cause Satan to lose ground and who apply Christ’s victory to any situation they are in! Now is the right time for us to rise up and tell the Lord,

Lord, by Your mercy and Your grace, make me an overcomer! Make me one of the mighty ones!

There MUST be some Mighty Ones – why not us?

The first time the Lord Jesus came to the earth He came alone, but the second time He will NOT come by Himself! He will come as a corporate smiting Stone, Christ with His overcomers, the Mighty One with the many mighty ones, to smash the human government and bring in God’s kingdom on the earth!

As we live in the divine history within the human history we realize that the Triune God has a need – God needs mighty ones!

And the more we realize this the more we see that in ourselves NONE of us can be it, do it, take it, or make it! But our Older Brother did it all, and now He is the Spirit reproducing Himself in us!

We may begin as a “horse pulling Pharaoh’s chariots” as the lover did in Song of Songs, but we will become as beautiful as Tirzah, as lovely as Jerusalem, and as terrible as an army with banners!

This is how we want our Christian life to progress – all the way to being Christ’s duplication, His mighty ones!

There’s a State of War in the Universe!

All the wars, fights, struggles, and battles both among people and within us are due to one thing: there’s another will besides God’s will in the universe.

Because of the rebellion of Satan against God, the whole universe is in a state of warfare, and spiritual warfare is necessary because Satan’s will is SET against God’s will (Gen. 3:15; Isa. 14:12-14; Matt. 6:10; 7:21).

The mighty ones, the overcomers, understand the necessity of the spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:10-13; Rev. 12:1-17; 19:11-21) and they realize that there’s a state of war in the universe. In the invisible scene there’s a universal war raging right now.

The heavens are alert, our Commander-in-Chief is very exercise, and the overcomers realize this. Everything that we experience and enjoy in the spiritual life is a matter of warfare, and we fight not against flesh and blood but against the principalities, powers of darkness, and evil spirits.

We need to make a decision today to stand with the Lord and allow Him to make us His overcomers, His mighty ones, those who exercise God’s authority in the church to defeat the enemy and bring in God’s kingdom!

God would NEVER lower Himself to deal with one of His creatures directly; He wants that man (created in His image and with His likeness) would deal with Satan (His creature which rebelled against God).

For this, our human will needs to stand with the divine will and fight by being one with the divine will to subdue the satanic will (Gen. 1:26; Matt. 26:39; 12:30; 7:21; Rev. 12:11). When the enemy is defeated, the kingdom of God will come in!

The warfare is between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan, and through prayer we as the church must release the power of the kingdom of God on the earth (Matt. 6:9-10, 13; 18:19; Rev. 8:3-5).

Lord, do it in us! We choose to align our will with Your will. Your will be done! Lord, produce us as Your overcomers. Make us Your mighty ones, Your reproduction as the unique Mighty One. We want to be part of those who return with You to defeat and destroy Satan! We aspire to be those who fulfill God’s purpose in creating man – image and dominion! Lord, accomplish Your purpose in us!

References and Further Reading

  • Sharing inspired from brother Ron Kangas’ sharing in this message, and quotes from The Glorious Church (by Watchman Nee, page 64), as quoted in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, Crystallization-Study of the Minor Prophets, week 6 (entitled, The Descent of the Mighty Ones).
  • Buy this morning revival book online via Living Stream Ministry.
  • Hymns on this topic:
    # Will you be an overcomer? / Christ is calling now! / Will you then be such a follower, / Though you know not how?
    # Who then will forward go / Strong in His mighty power? / Who then will firmly trust the Lord / Until the vict’ry hour;
    # God needs men who pray; / Those who lay the tracks for Him; / God’s economy is carried out through men of prayer.
  • Picture source: mountains in Nevada (taken with permission via, Joseph Barber).
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