today God is calling for the overcomers, the ones in the vital groups, the reality of the Body of Christ

This weekend I was impressed with this call – God today calls the overcomers, those who are in the vital groups – the reality of the Body of Christ! Even from the beginning, when God created man, He wanted to have a personal relationship with him, fill him as life (see: the tree of life), and be expressed through him.

But the first man fell, so God called Abraham and his descendants for His purpose. Still, Israel as a nation failed God, so God Himself came to be a man in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ – He came to redeem man and bring man back to Himself and to His purpose!

Therefore, the church was produced, and here we have people who not just know God and fear God outwardly, but who also have God inwardly as their life. Still, as we see in Revelation chapters 2 and 3, the church as a whole, throughout the history, became degraded and failed God in being fully for His purpose and hastening Christ’s second coming.

Therefore, God today is calling for the overcomers, the ones who are in the church and overcome everything else to live a life fully for and in God’s purpose.

In the book of Revelation we see “three calls” made by God to His people:

  1. In Revelation 22:17 we see the call to Come and Drink – if you are thirsty, whoever you are, just come to drink of the water of life freely! Anyone, any human being, if he/she is thirsty, they can come to the Lord and drink the living water! This is how our Christian life begins, by us drinking of God!
  2. In Revelation 18:4 we see another call, the call to Come Out Of The Great Babylon – here we see that the degraded Christianity today in the denominations, especially in the Roman Catholic Church, has become Babylon the Great. We’re not talking about the people in the denominations, but the system itself, keeping the people away from the living Christ and His purpose. God hates Babylon the great, and He is calling for His believers to come out of it, and just be “the church” – in Ephesians 5:25-26 we see that Christ died and gave Himself up for THE CHURCH. He just wants the church to be expressed in all the localities of the earth – as the many local churches.
  3. In Revelation 2 and 3 we see yet another call – even in the local churches, even in the true church according to God’s purpose, God is calling for the overcomers. These ones overcome the degradation of the church and stand for the Lord, accomplishing God’s purpose not instead of the church, but on behalf of the church. They are the ones representing the church before God, accomplishing God’s purpose for the church!

Where are these overcomers today? Today, the overcomers called by God are those who live in the reality of the Body of Christ, and practically, they live a normal Christian life in the local church. Even more, the overcomers are in the vital groups today.

How much we need to personally come to the Lord and be shined on by Him regarding our condition, our situation, and have a thorough confession before Him, under His shining! As we repent before Him, we are being made vital with Him.

Then, in His time/way, He sends us a companion to be vitalized with, to be grouped with – and the two of us is the small but good beginning, in the way of life, of a vital group.

[read this portion in SpanishHoy Dios está llamando a los vencedores, aquellos en los grupos vitales, la realidad del Cuerpo de Cristo]

Lord, may we all be those that not just live in the proper church life today, but even more: are the vital ones, the vital groups, living in the reality of the Body of Christ! We want to be the overcomers, the vital ones, living a life for Your purpose today on earth, where You have placed us!

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  1. Amen. May the Lord gain us as the overcomers for whom He is searching. For this, may we give ourselves to Him to be made vital members. But, how are we individually made vital? It is by taking heed to the Lord's word to the church in Ephesus in Revelation 2:4 "But I have one thing against you…" Oh Lord! In these days rekindle our love for You!