Turning our Heart to the Lord and being Led by the Spirit in our Time with Him in the Morning

Pray-reading is so enjoyable, and much more when we speak the Word audibly!I would like to share my personal experience regarding my morning revival with you all dear ones.

We have heard that our morning times are crucial time and time again, but I believe we can all testify that when we overcome death (that is, our bed) and rise up by turning our heart to the Lord, the Lord is faithful in strengthening our entire being.

Personally, I begin to call on the Lord in a deep and sweet way, and the Lord guides me to repent as I pray for His cleansing blood which is all-sufficient.

After calling upon His name, I then get into some verses – be it from my daily reading of the Bible or the verses from the Holy Word for Morning Revival. I have learned that it is not so much on the quantity of what I read or learn but it’s about the quality of the time I spend with the Lord by meditating, chewing, musing, and considering His Word.

I have to be honest: pray-reading is so enjoyable, and so much more when we speak the Word audibly! At the same time, I also have to be honest – I struggle on the side of the exercising of my spirit when it comes to this vital practice.

The answer that the Lord has given me is that I need to get into His Word and into the ministry more, and I need to really set time apart to study His Word to get all of His riches into me.

May we all be so full of His life as we respond to His leading, for He is continually operating in our hearts…

Oh, Lord make us so useful in Your hands for Your building!

There is no such thing as a formula or some “steps to touch the Lord”; it is altogether by being led by the Spirit; it is an organic, spontaneous guidance.

Finally, I would like to add that my Christian life has altogether continued onward NOT by anything I am but by His mercy. The Lord has graced us dear saints! He has graced us above measure through the life supply in the Body!

Without vital companions, home meetings, prayer meetings and most importantly, the Lord’s Table, we would just die (spirituality speaking). May the Lord grant us a real burden concerning His interest on the earth today that He may gain some overcomers, genuine lovers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May we be one with Him in all that we do that we may prepare His coming!

Sharing by brother J. J. Z. (Mexico City, Mexico), from his practice of touching the Lord in the morning revival.

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