we are being prepared to be on the throne by daily moving out of ourselves and into the Triune God!

we are being prepared to be on the throne by daily moving out of ourselves and into the Triune God!We are destined to glory, and we will rule and reign with Christ as kings! We see in Genesis 1:26 that we were created in the image and likeness of God to contain God and express God, and we also see in Heb. 2:9-10 that Jesus took the lead to be the Pioneer, the Forerunner, cutting the way and leading many sons into glory! Hallelujah, the Lord took the lead to go to the throne, and now we all follow after Him.

God desires to bring us to the throne because of the rebellion of Satan against God and His throne. In Isaiah 14 we see that Satan rebelled against God’s throne, and he intended to exalt his throne to the heavens (and thus intrude upon God’s authority).

Actually, all throughout the Bible and also in the days we live in we see that God’s throne is opposed, challenged, and attacked by evil forces and evil people. In the vanity of their mind and in their blindness, the people today even think or say that there’s no God, and in the whole universe there’s a dispute regarding authority. With all the evil things happening and all the evil people “getting away with it” when they do evil, many times people wonder, Who is actually reigning on the earth, is it God or is it Satan that rules?

In what appears to be Satan ruling over the earth, God has an intention to cast Satan down and redeem many of those whom he took captive – and bring them to the throne! God intended that man would have dominion over all things (which includes Satan), but due to man’s fall, man was enslaved to corruption, and the flesh within man forces man to sin, making him a slave of Satan.

We are Being Prepared to be on the Throne

But God redeemed us and brought us back to Himself; He put His divine life into us and now He gets the full glory when we are being fully brought to the throne, ruling and reigning with Him and for Him! One day God will boast in us and He will declare to the whole universe that His chosen ones, who have been taken captive and ruined for a while by Satan, are now on the throne over everything! Hallelujah, what an intention, and what a glorious purpose God has for us!

We are now in the process of being transformed to become qualified to be on the throne. In our present condition we are not qualified, but God is working on us and in us to qualify us for kingship. We just need to learn to cooperate with His inner operation, allowing Him to work Himself into us and at the same time eliminate anything that hinders His transforming work.

On the one hand we live in the world, on the other hand we’re constituted with the world – we’re full of ambition, self-exaltation, self-love, and all kinds of concepts. These things and many other evil things dwell in us, in our flesh – we need to see how to “get rid of them”, or “extract them”. Today I enjoyed a very simple utterance – we need to move out of ourselves and into the Triune God!

When we move out of ourselves and into the Triune God (into the “Us”, the Triune God, John 17:21), our ambition is swallowed up, the self is being denied, and there are no more concepts! In the Triune God there’s no room for ambition, for the self, or for any opinions!

The Lord Jesus prepared such a place for us – that we may move out of ourselves and into the Triune God by being sanctified in the truth, one in His life, and eventually sharing in His glory! And here’s a practical way how to do it,

If we continually touch the Word and allow the Spirit to touch us day by day, we shall be sanctified; that is, we shall move out of ourselves, our lodging place, and into the Triune God, our new lodging place. By making this move, worldliness, ambition, self-exaltation, and opinions are left behind(quote from the Truth Messages).

Lord, amen, keep us open to You today – we want to really move out of ourselves and into the Triune God! May our life be a life in oneness with You, even living in You and as You! No longer us, Lord, but Christ living in us, by us, and with us! [enjoyment from Heb. 2:9-10, John 17:15, and the Life-study of Ezekiel]

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